Vendor FAQs

What are Miss Lucille's Hours of Operation?

Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

How can I become a vendor?

To become a vendor, you must first submit a vendor candidate profile and five or more pictures of booth staging or items you wish to put in your booth to

What items are prohibited from being sold at Miss Lucille's?

  • All merchandise must be in good condition, free of dirt, dust, cobwebs, mold, moisture, insects, and odor.
  • We do not allow the following items under any circumstances: Hazardous or combustible material, pornography, alcoholic beverages, firearms, large appliances, power tools, or electronics.
  • Knives are acceptable for sale, however, must be locked up for the safety of our customers.
  • Food items for sale must be approved by management before entering the store. This includes perishable and non-perishable items.
  • Miss Lucille’s management reserves the right to prohibit any items from being sold by vendors.

Are there any pricing guidelines? Do I set my own prices?

No. You can set your own prices and make any markdowns as you see fit. However, you must follow tag and retag instructions.

What should my price tags look like?

Tags should be clearly marked with booth number, a 2-3 word description, and a price. If you reduce an item please do NOT mark through the amount. Just replace the tag. If you choose to take inventory of your items, the inventory number may be placed on the tag as well.

Can I run a sale in my booth?

Yes. ALL sales must adhere to the guidelines set forth by management. Please notify the front counter before you hang a sale sign in your booth so that it can be entered into the POS system. More information regarding booth sales can be found in our Vendor Agreement.

Does Miss Lucille's have special events?

Yes! Events at Miss Lucille’s are a blast! All events will be listed and promoted on our social media outlets.

How often do vendors tend their booths?

We pride ourselves in having a reputation of having well-manicured booths and we urge vendors to work their booth as much as possible in addition to keeping them in good clean condition. Working event days are strongly suggested.